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Rear Turn Signals into Marker Lights

Run-time:  0:15, 4.6MB

This one is a straight forward modification, you just need a spool of wire (14, 16, or 18 gauge will do) and a post quick connect like the gold one shown above.  Simply splice in to the middle wire of the front left and right turn signal wires by cutting around the casing and again a few millimeters down with a razor blade, be careful not to cut yourself.  Then cut the casing connecting the rings and remove that section of casing.  Take the wire to be run to the rear and wrap it around the exposed wire and solder it in place.  Then wrap tightly with electrical tape.  Zip tie the wires from the left and right center wires back to the rear of the bike.  There are a series of wires that run along the frame on the left side to the battery area, just add these wires to them zip tying as you go.  When you get to the battery area, loosen the rear seat plastic, on the left side you will find a wire run from the rear lights to the battery area.  Run your wires from the battery area up with the wire run, zip tying as you go. 

Then when you have the wires run to the rear look at the turn signal connectors, you will see the center wire is missing from the rear turn signal light connector.  Yet if you look at the posts for the light, the center post exists.  Use a voltmeter to determine left and right marker lights by turning on the turn signals (if you didn’t mark which wire is which when you started running them from the front), the power to the marker wire is cut when the 35w flasher is activated automatically.  Use the clip pictured above to attach to the end of the wire and set it in the center slot in the rear turn signal connector clip.  Zip tie the new wire to the existing left and right wires and replace the turn signal connector and you are done.  The rear turn signals are now wired just like the front and can be removed and reconnected just as you could before the modification.  This modification really improves rear visibility.  I have also added a LED brake light and tail light license plate frame as well.  With the stock tail and brake lights, the added LED tail and brake lights, and now the yellow marker lights, this bike is very hard to miss from the rear in good weather or bad, day or night.  Check out the video for an example of how it will operate post modification.  If you have trouble finding the right size quick connect pictured above, send me an email and I will give you my address.  If you mail me a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) I will mail you two of them for free.  I have about 956 left, the store only sold them by the case.

Total Time:  1 Hour
Total Cost:  <$10 - Parts from Local Electronics Shop


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