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Horn Replacement - Updated August 4, 2005

Tired of the moped horn that ships with your VFR?  Tired of cagers not being able to hear it as they try to kill you... repeatedly?  Well have I got a solution for you!  Go to Advance Discount Auto Parts (or any shop for that matter) and purchase a 132dB "Freeway Blaster" horn.   There is no wiring to be done, it is a simple swap out, well fairly simple.   Use a 10mm adjustable head angle ratcheting box wrench (Sears Craftsman) to remove the old horn, there are two slide clips for the wires, just pull them off.  Now slide the clips on the posts of the new horn.  The "Freeway Blaster" I purchased is not polarity specific, so hook the positive and negative up to the posts, no need to try and figure out which post is which.  Now put the mounting bolt of the new horn in the mounting hole where you removed the old horn.  The new horn is larger than the old horn so you need to bend the bracket out a little.  Also you will need an adjustable head ratcheting box wrench to get behind the bracket to get the bigger horn back on.  It is a bit of a knuckle buster getting the bolt on the post and getting it tightened down.  My VFR now sounds just like a Buick.

OK, this still is not doing it for me.  I need more, would semi air horns fit on the VFR?  Ari, from the VFR list, has a project on the books for Fiamm horns.  Depending on how that goes I may head down that road.

Total Time:  1 Hour (Knuckle Buster)
Total Cost:  $14.84


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